Education Has No Boundaries

Through February to April, three international maritime experts came to the Merchant Marine College of Shanghai Maritime University to lecture for the undergraduate students and international students.

Mr. Alain Brillault, Honorary Vice Chair of IMLA lectured for SMU students for the first time. He taught Ship Structure and Control and Maritime Engine to the sophomores majoring in Navigation and Marine Engineering. In addition he volunteered to give a special lecture on Charter Parties to Maritime Law students at SMU.

Prof. Alexander F. Hickethier, Vice President of the Maritime College of San Diego, USA paid his fourth visit to SMU. He taught Standard Maritime Communication Phrases (SMCP) and Marine English. Prof. Hickethier delivered several lectures for the freshmen from the Merchant Marine College.

Capt. John Belle from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, taught Modern Cargo and Containerization for the International Class which is composed of cadet students from 6 countries. Capt. Belle even held a workshop on capacity building with teachers from SMU Merchant Marine College.

Students showed great interests on lessons given by these foreign experts. Through daily communication, students have got deeper understanding about seamen’s life and career from a global perspective and improved their English skills. These international experts expressed that they had been impressed by the development of Chinese maritime education and hoped they could come back again in the near future.

--- from SMU website 19/04/2012

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