Message of Condolence


It is with deep regret that we inform of the passing away of Capt. George Darkey from Ghana on Monday the 16th of May, 2011. Capt. Darkey was a key supporter of IMLA, a long standing member of the IMLA Committee and was instrumental in the successful hosting of IMLA 17 in Ghana.


After a period of significant contribution to IMLA on the Committee, he retired from his role as Committee member at IMLA 18 in China. He had similarly retired from very active service at the Regional Maritime University and was looking forward to a quiet and relaxing time as a retiree. As things turned out, he responded to his maker's call after a brief illness.

Capt. Darkey was a deeply religious man, being the Senior Pastor for a long time of a church in Ghana. We trust that he will enjoy the ultimate repose in the arms of the God he so sincerely believed in.

He will be remembered for his gentleness, calmness and complete stress-free approach to life and his faithfulness in service to IMLA and his Regional Maritime University,

All IMLA members join the RMU in offering condolences to his family.

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