IMEC is a Special Interest Group of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association - IMLA

The International Maritime English Conference is a no-border forum: a round table for discussions on sea-related communication problems concerning a universally accepted language, that of Maritime English. IMEC provides a global forum for teachers and all other parties interested in Maritime English learning, teaching and usage for shipping industry purposes who are welcome to freely present their achievements, share experiences, exchange ideas and make suggestions through the IMEC website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and at the annual conferences.

Since its establishment IMEC has held 31 conferences worldwide:

Hamburg, Germany, 1981; St. Malo, France, 1983; La Spezia, Italy, 1985; Plymouth, UK, 1987; Cadiz, Spain, 1989; Lisbon, Portugal, 1991; Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1993; Gdynia, Poland, 1995; Malmo, Sweden, 1997; Shanghai, China 1998; Rijeka, Croatia, 1999; Dalian, China 2000; Varna, Bulgaria, 2001; Qingdao, China, 2002; St Petersburg, Russia, 2003; Manila, Philippines, 2004; Marseille, France, 2005; Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2007; Shanghai, China, 2008; Szczecin, Poland, 2009; Alexandria, Egypt, 2010; Constanta, Romania, 2011; Yangon, Myanmar, 2012; Istanbul, Turkey, 2013; Terschelling, Netherlands, 2014; Johor, Malaysia, 2015; Gothenburg - Sweden, 2016; Busan - Republic of Korea, 2017; Manila - Philippines, 2018; Åland Islands - Finland, 2019.

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