IMEC 27 Conference Opens in Johor, Malaysia

IMEC 27(International Maritime English Conference)was held 12-15 October 2015 at NMIT(Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology ) Johor, Malaysia. More than 50 experts and educators from more than 30 countries including USA, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Korea, China and etc, in particular Iran attended the 5-day international meeting, exchanging ideas and experiences on how to apply new pedagogical method such as blended learning, CBL(computer based learning) , mobile learning to effective Maritime English education, and how to raise culture awareness and alertness to Maritime English and most importantly on the New Model Course 3.17 and its contributions.

IMLA Chair Jin Yongxing sent a congratulatory letter to IMEC 27, in which he highly complimented the contributions made by Peter Trenkner who not only brought up Maritime English but also made incomparably great SMCP in the community of shipping industry. This was echoed by Milhar Fuazudeen, head of Maritime Training and Human Element Section, Maritime Safety Division of IMO. Peter Trenkner resigned the Chair and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Honor.

The President of NMIT made a keynote speech welcoming all the participants and introduced the history of NMIT. He wished the conference successful. His hospitality was much appreciated by the IMEC 27 participants. Clive Cole and Catherine started with Model cong a maritime course 3.17 which introduced the concept of GME and SME. Yu Haiyan from Shanghai Maritime University exchanged her experiences and opinions of blended learning which have been applied in MET. Li Yan and Luo Weihua continued with Ongoing Maritime English Education Reform which focused on small group teaching in Dalian Maritime University and its effectiveness in enhancing students’ interests. Several workshops like understanding unknown languages by Erik Hemming and Alison Noble and Creating English Board Game by Alcino Ferreira and Francois Jaouen aroused great curiosity of all participants in new approach to organize classes and the use of computer designed programme in MET. The Keynote speech by Muhammad Razif bin Ahmad, general manager of Johor Port Authority linked Maritime English with ports and ports safety, which is extremely impressive. The SMCP-based Maritime approach by Peter John, and Naoyuki Takagi is enlightening as it introduces computer into the practice and some human intelligence to the MET. Wang Xian from Shanghai Maritime University discussed the main contribution of Model course 3.17 from the perspective of the usefulness of SME. Iranian Professors Hooshang Khoshsima and Ali Asghar Roostami Abuseidi made a presentation on Teachers’ assessment of oral proficiency, which touched on an interesting and important subject of teachers’ competence assessment. In general, the whole conference is fruitful as it covers a wide range of topics from CBT, assessment, industry situation to 3.17. All participants felt enlightened with the pioneering topics and traditional teaching method.

IMEC 27 elected Clive Cole as the new Chair and Catherine Logie as the vice Chair, and Wang Xian as the new steering member. 

Mr. Milhar Fuazudeen, head of Maritime Training and Human Element Section,

Maritime Safety Division of IMO

Mr. Peter Trenkner 


Mr. Clive Cole made a speech at the conference

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