IMLA Lifetime Membership Shield Award at IMO Headquarters

Ms Melany Saramago (upper) and Ms Angelica Sogor(below) Awarded with IMLA Lifetime Membership Shiled

The recently convened IMO HTW4 saw the IMLA Lifetime membership Shield Award to two delegates from USA. The shield award was presented by the IMLA Secretary Prof. Clive Cole, Head of the IMLA delegation, with all other IMLA delegates at the meeting as witnesses.

Ms Angelica Sogor, Instructional Design Coordinator from Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) and the Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI), and Ms Melany Saramago, Curriculum Developer/Quality Management Coordinator from Maritime Professional Training, both became IMLA lifetime membership some years ago. They have been frequent participants at IMLA conferences and activities, including recent involvement with IMLA’s commitments with the revision and updates on IMO Model Courses.

Invited by IMLA, the two young ladies were able to embrace their first opportunity ever to sit in an IMO meeting at its headquarters. As members of the IMLA delegation, their attentiveness, concentration, and diligent work in the course of IMO validation on the revised Model Courses were totally impressive. In particular, their many comments to the revision and modifications of Model course 6.09, have played a positive part for the validation work.

Members who have long-term commitment with IMLA are the most important and invaluable assets for the Association. It has been the tradition that senior and active members of IMLA be offered opportunities to be representative for the Association in the international arena when circumstances allow. Lifetime membership with IMLA is open to any interested personnel who works as a Maritime Lecturer, and to others, at the discretion of the Committee. 

                           IMLA Lifetime Membership Shield 


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