ITF Awards 100th Fellowship

World Maritime University


The ITF Seafarers’ Trust announced on 31 July that its hundredth fellowship to study at the World Maritime University has been awarded to Rani Unnab Aziz Khan, an education officer at the Pakistan Marine Academy (PMA).

Seafarers’ Trust acting administrator John McLeod commented: “It is always a pleasure to support the excellent work of the WMU. Every student we send there is by definition an ambassador for seafaring, but the award of our hundredth scholarship is something of a landmark event.”

He continued: “Rani Unnab Aziz Khan was an outstanding choice. Her work for the PMA is of the highest order, and a reflection on her own qualities and those of the PMA itself. We are delighted to support this young woman in her endeavours on behalf of her nation and its seafarers.”

Rani Unnab Aziz Khan commented: “Since I was a child I have wanted to represent my country, and now that dream is coming true. For me the most important thing about this award is the chance to represent the Academy, its students and work; to maintain its high standards and lay the way for those women and men who will come after me.”

She continued: “For me this award is above all a recognition of the fine, needful and continuing work of the PMA.”

Two more fellowships will be awarded by the Seafarers’ Trust this year. In the previous year, five awards were made and for the first time all of the recipients were female. Each award totals around EUR 44,000 (USD 58,353), and covers study, travel and living costs for a 14 month postgraduate course leading to a master’s degree. The money awarded to the 100 students from 37 countries since the first Trust scholarships were given in 1987 now totals over USD 4,359,703.

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