For the Memory of Professor Günther Zade

To honor the memory of Professor Günther Zade, the founding member, first chairman, and President of IMLA, the Association entrusted Prof. Fang Quangen, Deputy Chair of IMLA-INSLC with a special visit to commemorate Prof. Zade. On 9th Sep 2012, led by his wife Ms. Inge Zade, Prof. Fang came to the “Friedhof in Grohn” church yard in Bahnhof St. Magnus, Bremen. In the name of IMLA, Prof. Fang laid a wreath at the tomb with highest respects and deepest condolence to this great maritime educator.

Professor Günther Zade was former Vice-Rector and Academic Dean of the World Maritime University (WMU). He was a prolific researcher and author of many studies on the subjects of maritime education and training. Prof. Zade died in Germany when was 70. 

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