International Navigation Simulator Lecturers’ Conference

The International Navigation Simulator Lecturers’ Conference (INSLC) was established in 1979 as International Radar Simulator Teachers Workshop (IRSTW), the first meeting was held in Liverpool, in 1980. INSLC has since then played an important role in promoting best practice in the use of navigation simulators in the training of nautical ship officers and masters, and in the use of such simulators in research. Lecturers using navigation simulators at maritime academies and universities worldwide have benefited from the exchange of knowledge, experiences and views with colleagues at and between INSL Conferences and as members of a steadily evolving expert network.

Developments in electronic navigation and simulator use are reflected in the early history of the Conference. The first four meetings were held as International Radar Simulator Teachers’ Workshops (IRSTW); the following two meetings as International Radar and Navigation Simulator Lecturers Conferences (IRNSLC), and from 1992 the word Radar was dropped to reflect the change towards a more integrated concept of navigation. This resulted in the acronym of INSLC. INSLC is a conference of IMLA, the International Maritime Lecturers Association.

INSLC is a meeting of men and women who are navigation simulator lecturers. The members and attendees of INCLC are the world leaders in the field of maritime instruction as it relates to the use of part task and full mission simulation in maritime education and training. However, because of the broad range of subjects presented and discussed at the INSLC the organization is of interest for other maritime stakeholders who are concerned with or interested in safety at sea, on waterways and in ports from a training or research aspect. Nautical officers and ship masters, members of professional nautical associations, VTS personnel, harbour masters, ship owners/operators, maritime safety administrations, maritime casualty investigation boards, maritime research institutes will benefit from participating in INLSC activities.

INSLC steering committee and contact information:

BALDAUF,  Michael (Chairman)

Hochschule Wismar - University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design
Dept. of Maritime Studies
R.-Wagner-Str. 31
18119 Rostock
Tel: +49-(0)381-498 5885
Fax: +49-(0)381-498 5802


British Columbia Institute of Technology
265 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, B.C. V7M 1A5
Tel: +1-604-985 0622
Fax: +1-604-985 2862


Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Etchujima 2-1-6, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135
Tel: +81-3-5245 7392
Fax: +81-3-5245 7336

TEEL,  Samuel

Maine Maritime Academy
Department of Marine Transportation
Dismukes Hall
Castine, Maine, USA  04420
Tel: +1 207 326 43 11

Muijskens Cees


Maritime Institute "Willem Barentsz"
Dellewal 8 / P.O. Box 26
8880 AA West-Terschelling
Tel:  +31 562 446666
Fax: +31 562 446667

Craig Dalton

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Buzzards Bay, MA USA 02532
United States of America
Tel:  +1 508 830 5000 ext.1951
Fax: +31 562 446667



Linnaeus University
Kalmar Maritime Academy
Landgången 4
SE-391 82 Kalmar
Tel: +46-70-693 5055


YIN, Yong   

Dalian Maritime University   
Nautical Science & Technology Institute
Dalian City,116026,
Liao Ning Province,
Tel: +86-411-84729651,

HU, Shenping

Shanghai Maritime University
Merchant Marine College
1550 Pudong Dadao
200135 Shanghai


South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA)
Queens Road, Seaforth, Simon’s Town, 7995
Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: +27 21 786 8406
Fax:+27 86 508 1586


New Zealand Maritime School Level 3
2 Commerce Street
Auckland 1005
Tel: +64 9 976 0206

Emeritus Member: At the INSLC 18 the Steering Committee of INSLC decided to establish the “Status of Emeritus Member of INSLC” for long standing, very active members of INSLC. The following members were appointed that status:

  • Fang Quangen
  • Eric Larsson 
  • Robert Meurn 
  • Sandberg George
  • KOBAYASHI, Hiroaki

INSLC Conferences Information:

The tremendous developments in electronic navigation and simulator potential are reflected in the titles of the Conference. The first four me etings were held as International Radar Simulator Teachers’ Workshops (IRSTW); the following two meetings as International Radar and Na vigation Simulator Lecturers Conferences (IRNSLC), and from 1992 the word Radar was dropped to reflect the change towards a more inte grated concept of navigation.

Venues, acronyms of titles, and years of previous workshops and conferences:

1. Liverpool, UK IRSTW 1 1980

2. Bremen, FRG IRSTW 2 1982

3. Hong Kong IRSTW 3 1983

4. Mariehamn, Finland IRSTW 4 1986

5. Launceston, Australia IRNSLC 5 1988

6. St. Malo, France IRNSLC 6 1990

7. New York, NY, USA INSLC 7 1992

8. Shanghai, China INSLC 8 1994

9. Vancouver, BC, Canada INSLC 9 1996

10. Plymouth, UK INSLC 10 1998

11. Kalmar, Sweden INSLC 11 2000

12. Vallejo, CA, USA INSLC 12 2002

13. Tokyo, Japan INSLC 13 2004

14. Genoa, Italy INSLC 14 2006

15. St. John’s, NL, Canada INSLC 15 2008

16. Dalian, China INSLC 16 2010

17. Warnemünde, Germany INSLC 17 2012

18. Buzzards Bay, MA, USA INSLC 18 2014

19. Cape Town, South Africa INSLC 19  2016

20. Auckland, New Zealand INSLC 20  2018

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