The year 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA) – 40 years since IMLA's first major conference was held and the IMLA Constitution was approved. By promoting contact and cooperation between Maritime Lecturers of all disciplines, IMLA, together with its three Special Interest Groups - INSLC, IMEC, and ICERS, has made a major contribution to the world maritime education and training over the last 40 years. The legacy of IMLA has been abundant, with serving a global network of members from more than 50 countries and delivering over 100 international events to date.

In celebration of the 40th anniversary, IMLA will host a dedicated virtual forum themed as IMLA 40 YEARS: Maritime Education for a Sustainable Shipping on Tuesday, 8 December 2020 from 16:00-18:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8). Through speeches and panel discussions, the forum will review the development of the Association in a changing world in the last 40 years, offer perspectives about how maritime education could transform to ensure a sustainable shipping, and what roles IMLA could play to support in the next decades to come.

Members, colleagues and friends from the maritime community are welcome to join us. With support from the Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), a meeting room will also be set up to allow local participants to join us on the SMU campus.

Watch the full webinar here: Session 1 Session 2 Session 3

Session One: Speeches (16:00-16:50)

  1. Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary-General, International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  2. Prof. Jing Lu, President, Shanghai Maritime University
  3. Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President, World Maritime University
  4. Prof. Deyi Gao, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Shanghai Municipal People's Congress
  5. Prof. Yongxing Jin, Honorary Chairman, IMLA

Session Two (16:50-17:10)

Presentation of dedicated IMLA 40 Video and video messages from IMLA senior members

Session Three: Panel Discussion (17:10-18:30)

Topic: Maritime Education for a Sustainable Shipping & IMLA Roles in the Next 40 Years

Chaired by: Prof. Clive Cole, Honorary Secretary, IMLA


  1. Prof. Takeshi Nakazawa, Chairman, IMLA-International Conference on Engine Room Simulators (ICERS); Executive Director, International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU)
  2. Prof. Alison Noble, Chairman, IMLA-International Maritime English Conference (IMEC)
  3. Prof. Michael Baldauf, Chairman, IMLA-International Navigation Simulator Lecturers Conference (INSLC)
  4. Prof. Xin Shi, Vice President, Shanghai Maritime University
  5. Prof. Michael Manuel, Head of Maritime Education & Training, World Maritime University; Chairman, IMLA 2021 Local Steering Committee


The virtual IMLA 40 event is open to all interested parties (subject to capacity constraints) and addressed to maritime lecturers, instructors, administrators, professionals and organizations from the maritime community.

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