2023 Maritime Instructors Training Program Held Online

IMLA is continuing its work on the advanced training program for maritime instructors and administrators from MET Institutions. Sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Government, 2023 training courses has been held online by IMLA and Shanghai Maritime University from September 13th to 27th. 8 webinars have been delivered to almost 60 participants from Myanmar, Romanian, Tanzanian, Pakistan, Georgia and USA. The program was also supported by the Maritime Technology Cooperation Center in Asia, which was established under the auspices of IMO.

Aiming to improve the capacity of instructors and managers in the MET institutions, the program offered a wide range of topics including industry development, insights on seafaring industry, implementation of STCW and national regulations, training for new competencies, key STCW issues, best practices and experience and planning for future of MET. Alison Noble, the Honorary Chair of IMLA, conducted a course with the theme of maritime English competency development. Professionals and experts from the industry shared their experiences and insights through this platform.

The Advanced Training Program for Maritime Instructors and Administrators from MET Institutions began at 2018, which has been an annual brand program for IMLA and Shanghai Maritime University with providing a professional maritime education exchange platform for global participants and promote high-quality and sustainable development of maritime education and training.