Admissions - How to Get a Leg Up in the Job Market

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Oct 30 2013

In today’s economy, getting a student loan has become more difficult. Getting a good paying job… well, lot’s of students put that thought out of mind until graduation and reality smacks them in the face!

Logically, paying less tuition for four years and earning a good paying job after graduation is a no brainer. Sound too good to be true? Not at Massachusetts Maritime! Each year, the Placement Department hosts two career fairs, spring and fall.

Last weeks career fair boasted over 70 companies representing various industries from shore-side to ocean-going majors. With many upper class receiving multiple offers well before graduation and leaving campus with a diploma, having the anxiety of a “job search” behind them proves that attending the career fair truly pays off.

Deck officers and marine engineers who choose seagoing profession typically start with annual compensation ranging from $65K to $85K per year – with overtime, a possible $100K. Shore-based positions usually range between $45K and $65K.

With those salaries and the strong employer relationships MMA develops and maintains, the Class of 2014 should feel optimistic about their job search! 

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