IMLA Committee Restructured

The IMLA Committee, as the decision body of the Association, met recently for a major restructuring, with the new term of Committee members being in place.

Replacing Yongxing Jin and Clive Cole, Alison Noble of Antwerp Maritime Academy and Xin Shi of Shanghai Maritime University, take up the positions of Honorary Chair and Honorary Secretary, respectively.

In addition, Pelin Bolat of Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, and Michael A. Amon of Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) in the Philippines, also form part of the restructuring and will be soon taking up duties as new committee members.

See a list of IMLA Committee members here.

Yongxing Jin and Clive Cole retired from the positions after leading the Association through the past decade which has been an extraordinary journey of progress and development for IMLA. Their wisdom, courage, and dedication will always be remembered an asset and heritage for the organization.

In the past years, IMLA has developed a distinctive role in promoting maritime education and training in a global context, working primarily with maritime institutions to provide an open forum for maritime lecturers to freely present their achievements, share experiences and exchange ideas. Through this, IMLA has played an important part in challenging, supporting and transforming MET during a time of unprecedented changes.

Moving forward, the new Committee will certainly continue to guide IMLA in better fulfilling the mission to support individual maritime lecturers in acquiring the knowledge, skills and insight they need to shape competent seafarers, as well as reflecting on the future MET required by the shipping industry in a changing world.