IMLA-IAMU Joint Meeting for the Revision of IMO Model Course Held in Shanghai

From 8th to 9th March, IMLA and IAMU met in Shanghai for their joint endeavor on the revision of IMO Model Course1.30, 3.12, 6.09. The meeting was organized by IMLA Shanghai Office and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU).

IMLA Chair Jin Yongxing welcomed the working group, hoping this joint effort would push the task of IMO Model Course revision a great step forward using combined advantages of IMLA and IAMU.

The newly issued IMO documents related to Model Course revision, such as MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.15 on Revised Guidelines for the Development, Review and Validation of Model Courses and HTW 3-WP.6-Add.1 - Report of the Drafting Group, were reviewed and discussed in details. Following the documents review, the working group reported the current progress and difficulties with regards to the 3 Model Courses. In further, they planned a detailed schedule for the following phase of the work while specifying responsibilities of each side. 

Attendees included Yutaka EMI, IAMU Deputy Executive Director, Michael Ekou Manuel, Head of WMU MET Specialization, Yu Hongrong, Director of SMU International Office, Yuli Chen, Deputy Dean of SMU Merchant Marine College, and other members of the working group.

Owning to the adoption of 2010 Manila Amendment to the IMO STCW Convention 1978, a range of IMO model courses need to be updated or developed in order to promote the effective implementation of IMO instruments. Based on their expertise on teaching, training and globally available resources, IMLA has undertaken part of the revision work since 2014.



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