The IMLA24 Opens at Texas A&M University at Galveston

The 24th International Maritime Lecturers Association Conference was held at the campus of Texas A&M University at Galveston, 10-14 November 2016. Nearly forty delegates around the world attended and shared their experiences of teaching, learning and management on maritime education and training.

IMLA Chair Prof. Jin Yongxing gave an opening speech on behalf of the Association, pointing out the importance of setting uniformed standards for MET in the context of international maritime transport, highlighting efforts and contributions IMLA has made in recent years to the progress of IMO Model Courses revision work. He encouraged and invited young generations of maritime teachers to join, learn and contribute through the ideal platform of IMLA.

Prof. Len Waterworth, Special Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of Texas A&M University at Galveston, Prof. Joan P. Mileski, Head of the Department of Maritime Administration, and Capt. Herbert Walling, Associate Professor from Texas A&M Maritime Academy, welcomed the delegates on occasions during the conference.

With the theme of “Quality Standards in Maritime Education”, the conference addressed such hot topics as Evaluation of Maritime Education and Training, Quality Assurance in Maritime Education, Distance Education in the Maritime Industry, and Impact of Technology on Maritime Teaching. Among many interesting presentations, practices of MET quality management systems, quality assurance standards from USA, Netherlands, Philippines, and China were introduced and brought about wide discussions. A case study of twenty years’ implementation of STCW Convention in USA aroused great interests and engaged many other representatives at present to share with their own experiences.

A photography exhibition on the special topic of seafaring life at sea was presented throughout by the Japanese Seafarers Group “Hato-kai” on the campus. It was the fifth exhibition the group had provided to IMLA activities. In addition, the conference was enriched by technical tours onboard Texas A&M University training ships “R/V TRIDENT” and “R/V MILAN”, visits to their well developed navigation simulators, as well as unique maritime culture the island of Galveston could offer.

Capt. Alain Brillault, IMLA Vice Chair, concluded the conference with a warm message, delivering heartfelt thanks to Texas A&M University at Galveston for their hospitality, and all others concerned in making this conference possible. As a common practice, in the Closing session IMLA’s next conference was announced to be hosted by Maritime Academy of Asia and Pacific, Philippines (MAAP). An impressive promotional presentation on IMLA25 was offered by representatives from MAAP.

Celebrating over fifty years, Texas A&M University at Galveston serves as the “ocean oriented campus” of Texas A&M University. The campus offers a unique blend of marine and maritime programs, including majors in science, business, engineering, liberal arts, and transportation.

                                              Chair Jin Yongxing addressed at the Openinig 

                                                   Vice Chair Alain Brillault concluded the Conference  

                                                          Technical tour onboard the TAMUG training vessel 



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