Joint Photo Exhibit with Japanese Seafarers Group

Jointly organized by the Japanese Seafarers Group, Soka-Gakkai “Hato-kai”, the photo exhibit with the theme of “HOLAS for SOLAS” was presented at the IMLA26 Conference venue. Photographs were all collected from maritime institutions of all different parts of the world, to raise awareness from the general public the mental health and wellbeing of seafarers at sea. 

Capt. Shigeo Chikamori, Capt. Katsuya Matsui, Capt. Takashi Shirozu, and Mr. Soichi Shimoda from Japanese Seafarers Group attended the Conference. Capt. Chikamori presented on the “Implementation of HOLAS for SOLAS” to highlight the importance of happiness of life at sea that makes positive impact of the safe operation of ships based on the SOLAS. He further recommended constructing human networks with mindset of HOLAS activities at sea and educating and encouraging young people who aim to be seafarers, through sharing HOLAS activities and experience.

Representatives of IMLA and Japanese Seafarers Group at the Photo Exhibit Venue

Capt. Chikamori presented on the “Implementation of HOLAS for SOLAS” at the IMLA26.

IMLA Photo Contributed  to the Joint Exhibit

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