SMU Opens the 4th International Classes

On March 4th, the 4th International Classes welcomed 33 exchange students from America, Germany, Poland, Korea,Vietnam and Great Britain. The number of majors had also increased from three last year to four this year, namely Navigation Technologies, Marine Engineering, International Shipping Management and Ocean Environment Engineering. Two teacher representatives from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Dr. Qi Chen and Mirey Medina, and Prof. Jin Yongxing, Vice President of SMU as well as leaders of relative colleges and departments attended the opening ceremony.

During the ceremony, Prof. Jin delivered a welcome address. He said that this year had witnessed the fourth international classes’ development in the enlarged number of students and more disciplines. Now the international classes have become a significant platform of international communication and cooperation for SMU. Prof. Jin also encouraged the students to work hard on professional knowledge and skills and to learn about Chinese history and culture so as to become an academic-exchange and cultural-exchange envoy between SMU and MMA.

Dr. Qi Chen reviewed on the beginnings and the latest development of the international classes between MMA and SMU. She encouraged the exchange students to pursue and realize their dreams in China. 

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