IMLA Delegates Attended IMO STW 44th Session

The 44th session of the IMO Sub-Committee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (STW 44) was held under the new Chairmanship of Mr. Bradley Groves (Australia) from 29 April to 3 May 2013 in London. A delegation of five including Assoc.Prof. Clive Cole (World Maritime University), Prof. Malek Pourzabjani (Raffles University Iskandar), Capt. Quentin Cox (Warsash Maritime Academy) and Assoc. Prof. Yuli Chen (Shanghai Maritime University) attended the session on behalf of IMLA. The Association submitted two information documents which are On MET Teaching Resources ePlatform (STW 44-INF.7) and Presenting information to seafarers – Addressing tanker casualties (STW 44-INF.8). Both were highly noted with appreciation by the Subcommittee and delegates actively expressed the relative views and information with other attendees of the plenary, working groups and drafting groups. The followings are main information related to the session reported by the delegation.

Agenda discussed

The main agenda discussed in the session as follows:

  • Development of guidance for the implementation of the 2010 Manila Amendments
  • Amendments to the STCW Code colour vision requirements
  • Development of a mandatory code for ships operating in polar waters
  • Revision of the Recommendation on training of personnel on mobile offshore units
  • Training requirements in draft IGF Code and proposed amendments to the STCW Convention and Code
  • Role of the Human Element
  • Development of an e-navigation strategy implementation plan
  • Development of guidelines for Wing-in-ground craft
  • Development of guidance for personnel with tug-barge operations
  • Review of general cargo ship safety
  • Casualty Analysis
  • Review and modernization of GMDSS
  • Promotion of the implementation of the 1995 STCW-F Convention
  • Unlawful practices associated with certificates of competency
  • Validation of model training courses

Working group and drafting group

Three working groups, Development of guidance for the implementation of the Manila Amendments(WG1), Role of the Human Element(WG2), Development of an e-navigation strategy implementation plan(WG3) and two drafting groups(DG 1 and 2) of Validation of Model Courses were established in the session.

The working and drafting groups on the following subjects were agreed to be established, at its next session, Working Groups (Training matters, Role of the Human Element) and Drafting Group (Validation of model training courses).

Validation of model training courses

The following nine model training courses were validated in the session:

  • Electro-Technical Officer
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Master and Chief Mate
  • Chief and Second Engineer Officer
  • Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch
  • Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch
  • Basic Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
  • Basic Training in Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations
  • Advanced Training in Oil Tanker Cargo Operations

The Subcommitte noted that model courses were of significant importance to Parties for the development of national seafarers' training programmes and stressed that the introduction to the model courses should indicate that the model courses were for guidance only and therefore of a recommendatory nature.

As the "Revision of the guidance for model course development, updating and validation processes" had been included in the post-biennial agenda of the MSC Committee, it has been included in the agenda for STW 45.

Date, biennial agenda and provisional agenda for STW 45

With regard to the proposed Sub-Committee restructuring and the High Level Action Plan for 2014-2015 still in preparation, the date, biennial agenda and provisional agenda for STW 45 are not addressed so far, but would be announced in the due course.

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